Issue #3
“The White Album”

The white, the erased, the disap­pearing, the disin­te­gra­ting, the scat­tered, the neboulsly shape­less, the dissol­ving, the outs­hined, the invi­sible, the not yet visible, the minimal, the rudi­men­tary, the dimi­nished, the disguised, the inde­pic­table, the long forgotten, the lost.

Photo­graphy is the ever­las­ting fight against disap­pearance. It serves as evidence, as a recourse and reminder; a trace of the past, a chemical inscrip­tion of brief moments. Through an inci­dent of light, a juxt­a­po­si­tion of light and dark emerg– es on the film-stock’s coating. The very light which makes ever­y­thing visible is like­wise capable of anni­hil­ating it’s own traces. Where are the limits of the depic­table? Where does the depicted image begin to dissolve?

The artists of issue #3 are Ben Alper, Viktoria Binschtok, Adam Broom­berg und Oliver Chanarin, Ezio D’Agostino, Goekhan Erdogan, Altan Eskin, Nicolai Howalt, Daniel Müller-Jansen, Jim Reed, Simone Schulz, Eva Stenram, and Stephan Till­mans.

Texts by Jon Fein­stein, Sandra Groll, Kris­tina Lykke Hansen, Jule Hill­gärtner, Chris­tian Janecke, Christof Maul, Lars Mextorf, Walter Benn Michaels, Marc Ries, and Phil­ippa Snow.

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