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Antoine d’Agata: Insomnia

Antoine d’Agata always goes against the grain. If photo­graphy is about light, d’Agata’s main inte­rest is certainly dark­ness, at its purest state. Opening Insomnia is like going to swim in a lake at night, wearing clothes made of lead. Way beneath the surface, where dreams & reali­ties blend, where colors melt and black & white dissolve, d’Agata is shoo­ting. People, places, atmo­s­pheres: ever­y­thing mixes in this journey of an insom­niac. The photo­graphs of Insomnia are like those elements of night­mares you want to bring home with you before waking up, to prove that you were there, that what you saw exists. D’agata did what we can’t do: he defied the collec­tive sleep of our socie­ties and brought back frag­ments of the other side of our reality, an “other side” where George Grosz meets Daido Moriyama to tell the one-of-a-kind story of a photo­gra­pher… lost in himself.

— Clément Paradis, photo­gra­pher, writer & publisher based in St Etienne, France

Antoine d’Agata: Insomnia
Soft­cover 192 pages
Editeur : Images En Manœu­vres Edition, 2003
Language : French & English
ISBN-10: 2908445751