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Antoine d’Agata: Insomnia

Antoine d’Agata always goes against the grain. If photography is about light, d’Agata’s main interest is certainly darkness, at its purest state. Opening Insomnia is like going to swim in a lake at night, wearing clothes made of lead. Way beneath the surface, where dreams & realities blend, where colors melt and black & white dissolve, d’Agata is shooting. People, places, atmospheres: everything mixes in this journey of an insomniac. The photographs of Insomnia are like those elements of nightmares you want to bring home with you before waking up, to prove that you were there, that what you saw exists. D’agata did what we can’t do: he defied the collective sleep of our societies and brought back fragments of the other side of our reality, an “other side” where George Grosz meets Daido Moriyama to tell the one-of-a-kind story of a photographer… lost in himself.

— Clément Paradis, photographer, writer & publisher based in St Etienne, France

Antoine d’Agata: Insomnia
Softcover 192 pages
Editeur : Images En Manœuvres Edition, 2003
Language : French & English
ISBN-10: 2908445751