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Cassio Vasconcellos: Noturnos Sao Paulo

I discovered Noturnos Sao Paulo, my latest acquisition, in Aperture’s The Latin American Photobook and was immediately drawn to the minimal, graphic qualities of its colour-saturated images. Armed with a Polaroid SX-70 and colour filters Vasconcellos captures a futurist incarnation of Sao Paulo, perpetually in construction but completely devoid of human presence as if inventing itself. Distancing itself from any documentary pretension but never venturing into the abstract the colour compositions lead the viewer into an imaginary vision of the modern metropolis.  

— Chico W. Iuliano, Photobook collector

Cassio Vasconcellos: Noturnos, Sao Paulo
Format:  17.5 x 14.5 cm, 248 pages, 96 photos
Bookmark 2002, Edition size: 2500
ISBN: 85-87811-04-5