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Cassio Vasconcellos: Noturnos Sao Paulo

I disco­vered Noturnos Sao Paulo, my latest acqui­si­tion, in Aperture’s The Latin American Photo­book and was imme­dia­tely drawn to the minimal, graphic quali­ties of its colour-saturated images. Armed with a Pola­roid SX-70 and colour filters Vascon­cellos captures a futu­rist incar­na­tion of Sao Paulo, perpe­tually in construc­tion but comple­tely devoid of human presence as if inven­ting itself. Distan­cing itself from any docu­men­tary preten­sion but never ventu­ring into the abstract the colour compo­si­tions lead the viewer into an imagi­nary vision of the modern metropolis.  

— Chico W. Iuliano, Photo­book collector

Cassio Vascon­cellos: Noturnos, Sao Paulo
Format:  17.5 x 14.5 cm, 248 pages, 96 photos
Book­mark 2002, Edition size: 2500
ISBN: 85–87811-04–5