200 Days, 200 Photo Books

John d Green: Birds of Britian

A kalei­do­scope of entran­cing photos of the women who became the icons of swin­ging sixties and the forerun­ners of the British Inva­sion, those depicted include Julie Christie, Char­lotte Ramp­ling, Lulu, Mary Quant, Susan Hamp­shire, Ingrid Boul­ting, Susannah York, Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Alex­andra Bastedo, Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, Cathy McGowan, Mary Bee, Vicky Hodge, Ilona Rodgers and many more. It is a feast for the eyes … and a visual »time machine« which captured »time in a bottle« and freeze-framed the enti­cing allure and beauty of the women photo­gra­phed for this volume forever. Every decade needs a book like this.

— Buck A. Hutten

John d Green: Birds of Britain
The Bodley Head. Ltd. London, 1967
Intro­duc­tory essay and photo-captions by Anthony Hayden-Guest