200 Days, 200 Photo Books

John d Green: Birds of Britian

A kaleidoscope of entrancing photos of the women who became the icons of swinging sixties and the forerunners of the British Invasion, those depicted include Julie Christie, Charlotte Rampling, Lulu, Mary Quant, Susan Hampshire, Ingrid Boulting, Susannah York, Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Alexandra Bastedo, Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, Cathy McGowan, Mary Bee, Vicky Hodge, Ilona Rodgers and many more. It is a feast for the eyes . . . and a visual “time machine” which captured ”time in a bottle” and freeze-framed the enticing allure and beauty of the women photographed for this volume forever. Every decade needs a book like this.

— Buck A. Hutten

John d Green: Birds of Britain
The Bodley Head. Ltd. London, 1967
Introductory essay and photo-captions by Anthony Hayden-Guest